Why Organic Cotton?

Why Organic Cotton?

Why Organic Cotton?

The word ‘organic’ is very widely used term in today’s world. We see everything from organic cakes, organic orange squash, organic sausage rolls, fruit, sweets, toffee and Gin. Yes, Gin, really. It seems that every brand has a rustic labelled version of its standard product that proudly displays the term organic.

So, what does it really mean, what does the organic really tell us?

An organic foods and household items should be produced to a common and agreed standard to ensure maximum sustainability. That is reducing its impact on the environment and restricting the use of a range of chemicals. These could be pesticides, additives, fertilizers or even some forms of treatment like irradiation. If the standard is good, then you have a measure of confidence that you have done a little bit to protect the environment and protect yourself and your loved ones.

Clothes? Organic clothes?

Yes, clothes can be organic too, manufactured in a way that reduces environmental impact and not using harsh chemicals in production. In 2002 a workshop at the Intercot Conference in Germany the textile business community recognised the need for a harmonised standard for organic textiles and in 2006 the first Global Organic Textile Standard “GOTS” certification was given.

To achieve certification textile production has to be inspected at every stage, from first processing, through weaving, manufacturing and trading ensuring that the fibres have been organically produced in an environmentally sustainable way. It’s an ongoing assessment too, with regular inspections to guarantee continual compliance.

It’s a complicated process that requires a huge investment of time and effort by the manufacturers to comply but once granted it allows us real confidence in the highest standards of production. The GOTS logo is proudly displayed on clothing and other textiles that have achieved this.

From our perspective I think it feels good. Good to know that we are doing just a little bit to protect the environment at a time when it’s so important to do so and that we are giving our loved ones the very best, natural and comfy clothes to keep them warm.